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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Vehicle lifting points

Fig. 188 Lifting points at front for the lifting platform or vehicle jack

Fig. 189 Lifting points at rear for the lifting platform or vehicle jack

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings 

The vehicle may only be lifted at the points shown in the illustrations   and  . If the vehicle is not raised on the lifting points shown, the vehicle could be damaged  . There is also a risk of serious injury  .

Lifting platforms with fluid filled cushions (receiving platforms) may not be used for lifting the vehicle.

There are many precautions that have to be followed when lifting a vehicle on a workshop hoist or floor jack. Do not try to lift a vehicle on a lifting platform or vehicle jack unless you have the training, knowledge and experience to be able to do so safely.

Using the jack to lift the vehicle   .


Lifting your vehicle incorrectly with a lifting platform or vehicle jack can cause accidents and serious personal injury:
  • Always read and heed the operating instructions from the lifting platform or vehicle jack manufacturer and any legal regulations before lifting the vehicle.
  • All occupants should leave the vehicle before it is lifted.
  • The vehicle should only be lifted at those points indicated in the illustrations   and  . If the vehicle is not lifted at the points shown, it could fall off the lifting platform when work is carried out, for example, when the engine or gearbox is removed.
  • The vehicle jacking points must be placed on the centre of the support surfaces of the vehicle lift and have as much contact as possible.
  • Never start the engine when the vehicle is raised! The vibration of the engine could cause the vehicle to fall off the lifting point.
  • If work has to be carried out underneath the lifted vehicle, secure the vehicle with suitable jack stands with a sufficient load-bearing capacity.
  • Never climb up the lifting platform.
  • Always ensure that the vehicle is not heavier than the lifting capacity of the lifting platform.


  • Never lift the vehicle on the engine oil sump, the gearbox or the front or rear axle.
  • To prevent damage to the underside of the vehicle when lifting, rubber pads must be used. Make sure that the lifting platform arms are able to move freely.
  • The lifting platform arms must not be allowed to come into contact with the sills or any other part of the vehicle.
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