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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Using a mobile telephone in the vehicle without a connection to the external aerial

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First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings 

During a telephone call and when in stand-by mode, mobile telephones transmit and receive radio waves. Current scientific literature warns us that radio waves can be harmful to human beings, if they exceed certain limits. Governmental bodies and international committees have introduced threshold values and guidelines to ensure that electromagnetic radiation produced by mobile telephones does not pose a hazard to health. However there is no proven scientific evidence that demonstrates that cordless telephones are absolutely safe.

For this reason, some experts recommend a preventive approach to the use of mobile telephones until on-going research has been concluded and final results are available.

If a mobile telephone which is not connected to the vehicle's external aerial is used inside the vehicle, the level of electromagnetic radiation could be higher than when the mobile telephone is connected to an integrated aerial or any other external aerial.

If the vehicle is fitted with a suitable hands-free unit, it will satisfy the legal requirements in many countries which permit the use of a mobile telephone in a vehicle only if a hand-free unit is used.

The factory-fitted hands-free system in your vehicle has been developed for the use of conventional mobile telephones and mobile telephones that are compatible with Bluetooth. Mobile telephones must be placed in a suitable mobile telephone holder. The telephone holder must also be engaged properly in the base plate. This ensures that the mobile telephone is attached securely to the dash panel, is always easy to reach for the driver and is constantly attached to the vehicle's external aerial.

If the mobile telephone is connected to a telephone aerial integrated in the vehicle or to an external telephone aerial, the electromagnetic radiation generated by the telephone that could affect health, is reduced. Moreover, it improves the quality of the signal.

If a mobile telephone is used in the vehicle interior without this hands-free system, it is not safely secured in the vehicle and also not connected to the vehicle's telephone external aerial. Furthermore, the mobile telephone is not being charged in the telephone holder. It is also likely that the telephone connection will be disrupted and the signal strength will be poor.

A mobile telephone should only be used in the vehicle if connected to a hands-free unit with an external telephone aerial.


If a mobile telephone is not secured or is incorrectly secured in the vehicle, it could be flung though the interior during a sudden driving or braking manoeuvre, or in the event of an accident. This could cause injuries.
  • While the vehicle is in motion, always secure mobile telephones properly outside the airbag deployment zone or stow them away safely.


If you use mobile telephones or two-way radios in the car without an external aerial, electromagnetic radiation in the vehicle could exceed limit values. This also applies to external aerials which have not been correctly installed.
  • Maintain a gap of at least 20 centimetres between the aerials of the mobile telephone and the pacemaker, as mobile telephones may affect the functioning of pacemakers.
  • Do not carry a mobile telephone in your breast pocket above your pacemaker when the telephone is switched on or in standby mode.
  • If you suspect interference, switch off the mobile telephone immediately.
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