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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Tyre pressure

Fig. 184 Location of the tyre pressure plate

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings 

The correct tyre pressure for factory-fitted tyres is shown on a sticker - applies to all-season, summer and winter tyres. The sticker   is located on the inside of the tank flap.

If the tyre pressure is too low or too high, the tyres will wear prematurely and the vehicle will not handle well  . The correct tyre pressure is particularly important at high speeds. Incorrect tyre pressure causes premature wear and could cause tyre blow-out.

The pressure should therefore be checked at least once a month and before starting a journey.

The given tyre pressure applies to cold tyres. Tyre pressure is always higher in warm tyres than it is in cold tyres.

For this reason, never reduce the pressure in warm tyres to adjust the tyre pressure. This would result in low tyre pressures that could cause the tyre to burst suddenly.

Checking tyre pressure

The tyre pressure should be checked only if the tyres have not driven more than just a few kilometres at low speed in the last three hours.

  • The tyre pressures should be checked regularly and only when the tyres are cold. Always check all the tyres, including the spare wheel if fitted. The tyre pressure should be checked at more regular intervals in colder regions, but only if the vehicle has not been moved beforehand. The tyre pressure tester must function correctly.
  • The tyre pressures must be altered to suit the vehicle load.
  • After altering the tyre pressures, please ensure that the valve caps are screwed on and observe any information and instructions on setting the tyre monitoring system   .

The spare wheel or temporary spare wheel are filled to the highest tyre pressure permissible for the vehicle.


A tyre pressure which is too high or too low may cause the tyre to suddenly lose pressure or burst while the vehicle is in motion. This could cause accidents and fatal injuries.
  • If the tyre pressure is too low, the tyre could warm up to such an extent that the tread may separate and the tyre could burst.
  • Fast speeds or overloading of the vehicle can cause overheating, sudden tyre damage including tyre bursts and ripping of the tread surface and thus to a loss of control over the vehicle.
  • If the tyre pressure is too low or too high, the tyres will wear prematurely and the vehicle will not handle well.
  • Check tyre pressures regularly, at least once a month, and before every long journey.
  • All tyres must have the correct tyre pressure to suit the vehicle load.
  • Never reduce excess pressure when the tyres are warm.


  • When attaching the tyre pressure gauge, make sure that you do not position it at an angle to the valve shaft. This could damage the tyre valve.
  • Missing valve caps, or valve caps which are not suitable or not screwed on properly, could cause damage to the tyre valve. Always use valve caps that comply with the factory-fitted valve cap specifications. Always screw on valve caps fully.

Under-inflated tyres will increase fuel consumption.

If the tyre monitoring display warns that the tyre pressure in at least one tyre is too low, check tyre pressures with a functioning tyre pressure tester. Low tyre pressure cannot be determined exclusively by looking at the tyre. This also applies to tyres with a low profile.

Please refer to the special points of the tyre pressure monitoring systems when checking tyre pressures   .

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