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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Parking

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings 

Please adhere to relevant legislation when stopping and parking your vehicle.

Stopping the vehicle

The actions should be carried out in the given order only.

  • Park the vehicle on a suitable surface  .
  • Depress and hold the brake pedal until the engine has stopped.
  • Apply the handbrake   .
  • With an automatic gearbox, move the selector lever to position P.
  • Switch the engine off and take your foot off the brake pedal.
  • Remove the vehicle key from the ignition lock.
  • Turn the steering wheel slightly if necessary to engage the steering lock mechanism.
  • With a manual gearbox, select the first gear for flat ground and uphill inclines and the reverse gear for downhill inclines and then release the clutch.
  • Please ensure that all occupants, children in particular, leave the vehicle.
  • Take all vehicle keys with you when you leave the vehicle.
  • Lock the vehicle.

Additional points for slopes and gradients

Before switching the engine off, turn the steering wheel so that the parked vehicle would roll against the kerb with its front wheels if it did start to roll.

  • When facing downhill, turn the wheels so that they face the kerb.
  • When facing uphill, turn the wheels so that they face the centre of the road.


The components of the exhaust system become very hot. This could lead to fires and serious injuries.
  • Never park the vehicle so that parts of the exhaust system can come into contact with any inflammable material underneath the vehicle, e.g. leaves, dry grass, spilt fuel.


  • Always take care when driving in car parks with protruding pavement elements or bollards, for example. These objects which protrude from the ground surface can damage the bumper and other vehicle components when you are parking your vehicle. In order to avoid any damage, stop the vehicle before the wheels can touch the bollard or pavement.
  • Drive carefully over driveways, ramps, kerbstones and other objects. Low-lying vehicle components such as the bumper, spoiler and parts of the running gear, engine or exhaust system could be damaged.
  • If the handbrake is not applied fully when the vehicle is stationary and the brake pedal is released when then selector lever is in position P, the vehicle may move a few centimetres forwards or backwards.
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