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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: New wheels and tyres

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings 

New tyres

  • Drive particularly carefully for the first 600 km with new tyres as the tyres have to be run in. Tyres that have not been run in have reduced grip   and braking effect  .
  • All four wheels must be fitted with radial tyres of the same type, size (rolling circumference) and the same tread pattern.
  • The tread depth of new tyres may vary, according to the type and make of tyre and the tread pattern.

Replacing tyres

  • Tyres should be replaced at least in pairs and not individually (i.e. both front tyres or both rear tyres together)  .
  • Old tyres should only be replaced by tyres that have been approved by Volkswagen for the vehicle type. Please note size, diameter, load-carrying capacity and maximum speed.
  • Never use tyres whose effective size is larger than Volkswagen-approved tyres. Larger wheels could rub against the body or other parts of the vehicle.

Additional information for vehicles with a tyre monitor display

In vehicles with a tyre pressure monitoring display, the systems have to re-learn after wheels are changed   .

Further information about the tyre pressure monitoring system, how it functions and what you must know   .


New tyres will have to be run in as they will initially have reduced grip and braking effect.
  • Drive particularly carefully for the first 600 km in order to prevent accidents and serious injury.


Wheels must have the necessary freedom of operation. If the wheels do not have the necessary freedom of operation, the tyre could rub on parts of the running gear, the vehicle body and the brake system. This could lead to a malfunction of the brake system and to tread separation and thus to a tyre bursting.
  • The actual tyre size must not exceed the tyre dimensions of manufacturers approved by Volkswagen and must not rub on any vehicle body parts.

The actual size of the various different tyre makes may, despite identical size details, vary from these specified dimensions or the tyre contours may vary considerably.

Volkswagen-approved tyres are guaranteed to have the dimensions that are suitable for the vehicle. The salesperson will have to provide a certificate from the tyre manufacturer for other tyre makes to prove that the tyre is also suitable for the vehicle. This certificate must be put in a safe place and kept in the vehicle.

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    Tyre pressure
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