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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 → The dangers of assuming an incorrect sitting position  

 → Correct sitting position  

 → Controls on the front seats  

 → Adjusting the seats in the second row of seats  

 → Adjusting the head restraints  

 → Removing and fitting the head restraints  

 → Adjusting the steering wheel position  

 → Centre armrest  

Number of seats

The vehicle has a total of five or seven seats.

Vehicles with five seats: the vehicle has two seats in the front and three seats at the rear.

In vehicles with seven seats: the vehicle has two seats at the front, three seats in the second row and two seats in the third row.

Each seat is equipped with a seat belt.

Additional information and warnings:

  • Seat functions  
  • Seat belts  
  • Airbag system  
  • Child seats (accessories)  
  • Luggage compartment  


Assuming an incorrect sitting position in the vehicle can increase the risk of severe or fatal injuries during a sudden driving or braking manoeuvre in the event of a collision or accident or if the airbags are triggered.
  • All vehicle occupants must assume a correct sitting position before setting off. Maintain this position throughout the trip. This also applies for the fastening of seat belts.
  • The number of vehicle occupants must never exceed the number of seats with seat belts in the vehicle.
  • Always secure children in the vehicle in an authorised restraint system which is suitable for their height and weight   ,   .
  • Always keep your feet in the footwell while the vehicle is in motion. Never place your feet on the seat or on the dash panel and never hold your feet out the window. The airbag and seat belt can otherwise not provide optimal protection and can actually increase the risk of injury during an accident.


Always adjust seats, seat belts and head restraints to their correct position before any journey and ensure that all passengers have fastened their seat belt.
  • Push the front passenger seat as far back as possible.
  • Adjust the driver seat in such a way that there is at least 25 cm between your breastbone and the hub of the steering wheel. If your build makes it impossible to fulfil this requirement then you must contact a qualified workshop so they can make any necessary modifications.
  • Never travel with the backrest tilted far back. The further the backrest is tilted to the back, the greater the risk of injury caused by incorrect seat belt routing or an incorrect sitting position!
  • Never travel with the backrest tilted far forwards. An airbag that is triggered could force the seat backrest backwards and injure vehicle occupants on the back seats.
  • Adopt and maintain the greatest possible distance to the steering wheel and dash panel.
  • You should always sit upright with your back against the seat backrest with the front seats properly adjusted. Do not position any body part too close to the fitting location of the airbag.
  • The risk of serious injury is increased for passengers on the rear seat if they are not sitting upright because the seat belts are incorrectly positioned.


Incorrect adjustment of the seats can cause accidents and serious injuries.
  • The seats may only be adjusted when the vehicle is stationary as the seat could otherwise change position unexpectedly while the vehicle is in motion leading to a loss of control over the vehicle. Furthermore, an incorrect seating position is adopted while adjusting the seat.
  • Only adjust the height and tilt of the seat or move it forwards and backwards when the area around the seat is clear.
  • The area for adjustment of the front seats may not be restricted by any items.
    Adjusting the seat position

    The dangers of assuming an incorrect sitting position
    First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings If the seat belts are not worn or are worn incorrectly, the risk of severe or fatal injuries increases. Seat belts c ...

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