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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 в†’ Indicator lamps  

 в†’ Information on changing a bulb  

 в†’ Changing bulbs in the front headlights  

 в†’ Changing bulbs in the front bumper  

 в†’ Changing bulbs in the tail light cluster in the tailgate  

 в†’ Changing bulbs in the tail light cluster in the body  

 в†’ Changing the bulb in the number plate light  

Changing the vehicle bulbs requires considerable technical skill. Therefore if you do not feel confident with the procedure, Volkswagen recommends having the bulbs changed by a Volkswagen dealership or other professional assistance. You must contact a qualified workshop if other vehicle parts around the lights need to be removed or gas discharge lamps need to be replaced.

Store spare light bulbs in the vehicle for safety-relevant lights. Spare bulbs are available from Volkswagen dealers. In some countries you are required by law to have these spare bulbs in the vehicle.

It may be illegal to drive with a defective bulb in the exterior lighting.

You can change the following bulbs yourself:

  • Bulbs of the front halogen headlights or, if applicable, in the front bumper: dipped headlights, main beam, daytime headlights, side lights, front turn signal lights, fog lights.
  • Bulbs in the headlights of vehicles with dynamic or static cornering lighting (AFS): front turn signal.
  • Bulbs of the rear lights: tail lights, rear fog lights, brake lights, rear turn signal lights, reversing lights.
  • Number plate light bulb (if there is one).

All other bulbs and lamps in the vehicle should always be changed by an expert.

Additional bulb specifications

Some bulbs in headlights or in tail light clusters might have factory specifications that are different to standard bulbs. The designation is inscribed on the bulb, either on the glass part or on the base.

Additional information and warnings:

  • Exterior views  
  • Lights and vision  
  • Preparation for working in the engine compartment  
  • Vehicle tool kit  
  • Fuses  


Accidents could be caused if roads are not sufficiently lit and the vehicle cannot be seen or is very difficult to be seen by other road users.


Changing the bulb incorrectly could cause accidents and serious injuries.

  • When working in the engine compartment, always read and observe the safety warnings   . The engine compartment of any motor vehicle is a dangerous area. Serious injuries can be sustained here.
  • Gas discharge lamps are supplied with a high voltage level. If they are not handled properly, they could cause serious or fatal injuries.
  • H7 and gas discharge bulbs are pressurised and could explode when they are being changed.
  • Only change the defective bulb once it has had time to cool down completely.
  • Never change a bulb unless you are familiar with the procedure. If you are uncertain of what to do, have the work carried out by a qualified workshop.
  • Do not touch the glass part of the bulb with unprotected fingers. When the light is switched on, heat will cause fingerprints to evaporate on the bulb which will causes the reflector to dim.
  • There are sharp-edged parts in the headlight housing in the engine compartment and on the tail light cluster housing. Protect your hands when changing a bulb.


Damage to the electrical system could be caused by water entering the system if the rubber covers or plastic caps on the headlight housing are not properly mounted.
    Changing bulbs

    Indicator lamps
    First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings  Lit up Possible cause Correction There is a defective bulb ...

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