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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 в†’ Fuses in the vehicle  

 в†’ Changing a blown fuse  

At the time of print we are unable to provide an up-to-date overview of the locations of the fuses for the electrical consumers. This is because the vehicle is under constant development, because fuses are assigned differently depending on the vehicle equipment level and because several consumers may use a single fuse. You can get more information about the fuse layout from a Volkswagen dealership.

Several electrical consumers could share a single fuse. Conversely, a single consumer could have more than one fuse.

Therefore, fuses should only be replaced when the cause of a fault has been rectified. If a newly inserted fuse blows after a short time, the electrical system must be checked by a qualified workshop as soon as possible.

Additional information and warnings:

  • Preparation for working in the engine compartment  


High voltages in the electrical system can cause electric shocks, serious burns and death!
  • Never touch the electrical wiring of the ignition system.
  • Avoid causing short-circuits in the electrical system.


Using unsuitable or repaired fuses and bridging an electrical circuit without fuses can cause a fire and serious injuries.
  • Never fit fuses that have a higher fuse protection limit. Fuses must always be replaced with a new fuse which has the same amp rating (same colour and imprint) and size.
  • Never repair a fuse.
  • Never use a metal strip, paper clip or similar items to replace a fuse.


  • In order to avoid damage to the electrical system in the vehicle, the ignition, the lights and all electrical consumers must be switched off and the vehicle key removed from the ignition before changing a fuse.
  • You could cause damage to another location in the electrical system by using a fuse with a higher amp rating.
  • Fuse boxes must be protected from dirt and moisture when opened. Dirt and moisture in the fuse boxes could cause damage to the electrical system.

A single consumer could have more than one fuse.

Several consumers could share a single fuse.


    Fuses in the vehicle
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