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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 в†’ Parking distance warning system  

 в†’ Optical parking system (OPS)  

 в†’ Optical parking system (OPS) with all-round display  

The parking distance warning system assists the driver when manoeuvring and parking. An intermittent audible warning is given, depending on the distance if the vehicle approaches an obstacle. The shorter the distance, the shorter the intervals. The audible warning will sound continuously if the obstacle is very near.

If you continue to drive the vehicle closer to the obstacle despite the continuous audible warning, the system will not be able to measure the distance any more.

The sensors in the bumpers transmit and receive ultrasound waves. The electronic system uses the ultrasound waves (i.e. transmission, reflection from the obstacle and reception) to calculate the distance between the bumper and the obstacle.

Depending on equipment levels, sensors may be fitted in the front and in the rear bumper.

Additional information and warnings:

  • Exterior views  
  • Braking, stopping and parking  
  • Park Assist system  
  • Cleaning and caring for the vehicle exterior  
  • Accessories, modifications, repairs and renewal of parts  
  • Radio or navigation system в‡’ BookletRadio, or в‡’ BookletNavigation system,


Do not let the extra convenience afforded by the parking distance warning system and the optical parking system tempt you into taking any risks when driving. The system cannot replace the full concentration of the driver.
  • Unintentional vehicle movements can cause serious injury.
  • Adapt your speed and driving style to suit visibility, weather, road and traffic conditions.
  • Certain surfaces of objects and clothes cannot reflect the signals of the parking distance warning system sensors. These objects and persons wearing this type of clothing cannot be detected or only detected incorrectly by the parking distance warning system.
  • Sensors have blind spots in which obstacles and people are not registered.
  • Always monitor the area around the vehicle as small children, animals and objects will not always be detected by the sensors.
  • External sound sources may affect the signals of the parking distance warning system. In certain circumstances, persons and objects may not be recognised by the system.


  • The sensors may not always be able to detect objects such as trailer drawbars, thin rails, fences, posts, trees etc. This could result in damage to your vehicle.
  • If the parking distance warning system detects an obstacle and you drive closer to the object, the object could move out of the detection range of the sensors. This is applies mainly to very tall and very low objects. These objects are no longer registered. If you ignore the warning given by the parking distance warning system, your vehicle could suffer considerable damage.
  • The system sensors in the bumpers must be kept clean and free of ice and snow and not be covered up by stickers or other items as otherwise the system will not work properly.
  • The sensors in the bumper can be shifted or damaged through impacts, e.g. when parking.
  • The sensors should be sprayed only briefly when cleaning with pressure hoses and steam cleaners. A distance of 10 cm between the sensors and the steam/hose nozzle must be observed.
  • Sources of noise could lead to errors in the parking distance warning system, e.g. rough asphalt, cobblestones as well as interference from other vehicles.

Please contact a qualified workshop if there is a malfunction in the system. Volkswagen recommends using a Volkswagen dealership for this purpose.

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