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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 → Types of front passenger front airbag system  

 → Indicator lamp  

 → Description and function of the airbag system  

 → Front airbags  

 → Switching the front passenger front airbag on and off manually using the key-operated switch  

 → Side airbags  

 → Curtain airbags  

The vehicle is equipped with a front airbag for the driver and passenger. The front airbags can provide the front seat occupants additional protection for the chest and head if the seat, the seat belts and the head restraints and the steering wheel for the driver are adjusted and used correctly. Airbags are meant only for additional protection. The airbag system is not a substitute for the seat belts. Seats belts must always be worn, even when the front seats are equipped with airbags.

Additional information and warnings:

  • Driving tips  
  • Correct sitting position  
  • Seat belts  
  • Child seats (accessories)  
  • Cleaning and caring for the interior  
  • Accessories, modifications, repairs and renewal of parts  
  • Consumer information  


Never rely on the airbag system exclusively for your protection.
  • The airbag has merely a supportive function for your protection, even if it is triggered.
  • The airbag system offers the best levels of protection when seat belts are properly worn and reduce the risk of injury   .
  • Before every trip, each vehicle occupant must adopt the correct sitting position, correctly fasten the seat belt belonging to their seat and keep it fastened properly throughout the trip. This applies to all vehicle occupants.


The risk of injury is increased if there are any items located between the occupant and the deployment zone of the airbag. This will impinge on the deployment zone of the airbag or the items will be flung against the body.
  • Never hold any objects in your hand or on your lap while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Never transport any objects on the front passenger seat. The objects could enter into the deployment zone of the airbag during sudden braking or driving manoeuvres and then be flung dangerously through the vehicle interior if the airbag is activated.
  • Occupants of the front seats and rear outer seats must never carry any people, pets or objects in the deployment zone between them and the airbags. Please ensure that this is also adhered to by children and passengers.


The airbag system can only be triggered once. The system will have to be replaced if the airbags have been triggered.
  • Used airbags and any system parts that are affected should be replaced as soon as possible by new parts that are approved by Volkswagen for the vehicle.
  • Repairs and modifications to your vehicle should only be carried out by a qualified workshop. Qualified workshops have the necessary tools, diagnostic equipment, repair information and qualified personnel.
  • Never use recycled airbag components or components that have been taken from end-of-life vehicles in your vehicle.
  • Never alter any components of the airbag system.


A fine dust may develop when the airbags deploy. This is normal and does not mean there is a fire in the vehicle.
  • The fine dust can cause irritation to the skin and eye membranes as well as cause breathing difficulties, particularly for those people suffering from asthma or who have or have had other health problems. In order to reduce breathing difficulties, get out of the vehicle or open the windows or doors in order to breathe fresh air.
  • If you should come into contact with the dust you should wash your hands and face with a mild soap and water before eating.
  • Do not rub the dust into your eyes or into open wounds.
  • Rinse your eyes with water if dust is in your eye.


Solvents cause the surface of the airbags to become porous. In an accident which triggers the airbag, loose plastic parts can cause serious injury.
  • Never clean the dash panel or the airbag covers with cleansers containing solvents.
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