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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Introduction

This chapter contains information on the following subjects:

 → Warning lamps  

 → Frontal collisions and the laws of physics  

 → What happens to passengers who have not fastened their seat belts?  

 → Seat belts protect  

 → Using seat belts  

 → Fastening and unfastening seat belts  

 → Fastening and unfastening seat belts with two buckles  

 → Seat belt routing  

 → Belt height adjuster  

 → Belt clip  

 → Automatic belt retractor, belt tensioner, belt tension limiter  

 → Service and disposal of belt tensioners  

Regularly check the condition of all seat belts. If the belt webbing, belt connections, belt retractor or part of the buckle should become damaged have them replaced immediately by a qualified workshop  . The qualified workshop must use the correct spare parts which are compatible with the vehicle, equipment level and model year. Volkswagen recommends using a Volkswagen dealership for this purpose.

Additional information and warnings:

  • Adjusting the seat position  
  • Airbag system  
  • Child seats (accessories)  
  • Accessories, modifications, repairs and renewal of parts  


Incorrectly fastened or unfastened seat belts increase the risk of severe or fatal injuries. Seat belts will only offer the optimum level of protection when they are fastened and used properly.
  • Seat belts are the most effective means of reducing the risk of serious and fatal injuries in the case of an accident. For the protection of the driver and of all vehicle occupants, the seat belts must always be fastened properly when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Before every trip, each vehicle occupant must adopt the correct sitting position, correctly fasten the seat belt belonging to their seat and keep it fastened properly throughout the trip. This applies for all vehicle occupants and also in town traffic.
  • While the vehicle is in motion, secure all children travelling in the vehicle in a restraint system suitable for their weight and height. They must also wear correctly fastened seat belts   .
  • Only start driving when all passengers have correctly fastened their seat belts.
  • Never insert the latch plate into a buckle which does not belong to the occupied seat and always ensure it engages properly. Using a buckle which does not belong to the seat you are occupying reduces the level of protection and can lead to severe injuries.
  • Never let any foreign bodies or liquids get into the slot for the seat belt buckle. This could prevent the belt buckle and seat belt from working properly.
  • Never unfasten the seat belt while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Never allow more than one person to share the same seat belt.
  • Never travel when children or babies are being carried on somebody's lap and fastened with the same belt.
  • Never travel wearing loose, bulky clothing (such as an overcoat over a jacket). This could prevent the seat belts from fitting and functioning properly.


Damaged seat belts are very dangerous and could cause severe or fatal injuries.
  • Never damage the belt by trapping it in the door or in the seat mechanism.
  • If the belt webbing or any other part of the seat belt becomes damaged, the seat belts may tear during an accident or sudden braking manoeuvre.
  • Damaged seat belts must be replaced immediately with seat belts approved by Volkswagen for your vehicle type. Seat belts used in and stretched during an accident must be replaced by a qualified workshop. Renewal may be necessary even if there is no apparent damage. The belt anchorage should also be checked.
  • Never try to repair, modify or remove the seat belts yourself. All repairs to the seat belts, belt retractors and buckles must be carried out by a qualified workshop.
    Seat belts

    Warning lamps
    Fig. 51 Warning lamp in the instrument cluster First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings  Lights up or flashes Possible ...

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