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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Cleaning windows and exterior mirrors

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings 

Cleaning windows and exterior mirrors

Moisten the windows and exterior mirrors with commercially available, alcohol-based glass cleaner.

Dry the glass surfaces with a clean chamois leather or a lint-free cloth. Chamois leathers which have been used on painted surfaces are not suitable for use on glass surfaces. They will be soiled with wax deposits which could smear the surfaces.

Use window cleaner or a silicone remover to clean off rubber, oil, grease and silicone deposits  .

Removing wax

Car washes and care products could leave wax deposits on the glass surfaces. Wax residue can only be removed using a special cleaning product or cleaning cloths. Wax deposits on the windscreen could cause the wiper blades to rub. Volkswagen recommends that you use a cleaning cloth to remove wax deposits from the windscreen each time the vehicle is cleaned.

A window cleaner specifically for removing wax will stop the blades rubbing if added to the windscreen wash water. Dilute the cleaner as instructed. Grease removing cleaners will not remove wax deposits  .

Special cleaners and glass cleaners are available from Volkswagen dealerships. Volkswagen recommends the following cleaning agents for removing wax deposits:

  • For warm weather: summer windscreen wash - G 052 184 A1 - . Dilution 1:100 (1 part concentrate, 100 parts water) in the washer fluid reservoir.
  • All-year washer fluid - G 052 164 A2 - . Dilution in winter to -18 В°C (-0.4 В°F) approx. 1:2 (1 part concentrate, 2 parts water), otherwise dilute one part concentrate to four parts water (1:4) in the washer fluid reservoir.
  • Glass cleaning cloths - G 052 522 A1 - for all glass surfaces, including exterior mirrors.

Removing snow

Use a small brush to remove snow from the windows and exterior mirrors.

Removing ice

The best method to remove ice is to use a de-icer spray. If you use an ice scraper, do not move it to and fro, but push it in one direction only. Dirt could scratch the window when moving the ice scraper back.


Dirty or misted up windows reduce visibility and increase the risk of accidents and severe injuries.
  • Only drive when you have a clear view through all windows.
  • Ice, snow and mist must be removed from the inside and outside of all windows.


  • Never combine the recommended cleaning agents with other cleaning agents for use in the windscreen washer fluid. This could cause the ingredients to separate and block the windscreen washer jets.
  • Never use warm or hot water to remove snow and ice from windows and mirrors. This could cause the glass to crack!
  • The heating elements for the rear window heater are on the inside of the rear window. Never apply stickers over the heating elements and never clean the inside of the rear window with corrosive or acidic detergents or any other chemicals.
  • Aerials located on the inside of the windows could be damaged by corrosive or acidic detergents, any other chemicals or if hard objects rub against the window. Never apply stickers over the window aerials and never clean the aerials with corrosive or acidic detergents or any other chemicals.
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