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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Cleaning seat belts

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings 

The automatic belt will not be able to roll back properly if there is dirt on the belt and thus prevent the seat belt from working properly.

The seat belts must never be removed for cleaning purposes.

  • Remove dirt with a soft brush  .
  • Carefully pull the dirty seat belt right out and leave it out.
  • Clean the seat belt with a mild soap solution.
  • Allow the seat belt fabric to dry completely.
  • Do not allow the seat belt to roll up until it has dried completely.


Regularly check the condition of all seat belts. If the belt webbing or any other part of the seat belt becomes damaged have it removed and replaced immediately by a qualified workshop. Damaged seat belts are very dangerous and could cause severe or fatal injuries.
  • Never use chemical cleaning agents on the seat belts or their components. Furthermore the seat belts may not come into contact with corrosive fluids, solvents or sharp objects. This can considerably weaken the webbing.
  • After cleaning, allow seat belts to dry completely before rolling them up. Otherwise the automatic belt retractors could become damaged and thus impair their function.
  • Never let any foreign bodies or liquids get into the slot for the seat belt buckle. This could prevent the belt buckle and seat belt from working properly.
  • Never try to repair, modify or remove the seat belts yourself.
  • Damaged seat belts must be replaced immediately with seat belts approved by Volkswagen for your vehicle type. Seat belts used in and stretched during an accident must be replaced by a qualified workshop. Renewal may be necessary even if there is no apparent damage. The belt anchorage should also be checked.
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