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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Checklist

    Please note the following for the cleaning and maintenance of the seat covers  :

  • Before getting into the vehicle, close all Velcro fasteners that could touch the cloth seat covers and fabric trims. Open Velcro fasteners can cause damage to cloth seat covers and fabric trims.

  • Avoid the direct contact of sharp-edged items and applications to the upholstery and fabric trims in order to prevent damage. Applications are for example zips, studs, rhinestones on clothing or belts.

  • Dust and grit in the pores and seams should be removed regularly so that no permanent damage is caused to the surface of the seats by scratching.

  • Always check whether garments are colourfast to prevent damage to the upholstery. This is especially important for light-coloured upholstery.


Ignoring any of the points on this important checklist for maintaining the seat covers can lead to damage or discolouration to the seat covers and fabric trims.
  • Follow the instructions on the checklist.

Volkswagen recommends that stained upholstery is cleaned by a specialist company.

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