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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: Anti-theft alarm

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings

The anti-theft alarm makes it more difficult to break into the vehicle or steal it.

The anti-theft alarm is activated automatically when the vehicle is locked using the vehicle key.

When does the system trigger an alarm?

The anti-theft alarm will sound an audible alarm for approximately 30 seconds and trigger a visible warning for up to five minutes if any of the following unauthorised actions are performed while the vehicle is locked:

  • A door unlocked mechanically with the vehicle key is opened and the ignition is not switched on within approximately 15 seconds.
  • A door is opened.
  • The bonnet is opened.
  • The tailgate is opened.
  • The ignition is switched on using an invalid key.
  • The vehicle battery is disconnected.
  • Movement inside the vehicle (in vehicles with interior monitoring   ).
  • The vehicle is towed (in vehicles with anti-tow alarm   ).
  • The vehicle is lifted (in vehicles with anti-tow alarm   ).
  • Transporting the vehicle on a car ferry or by rail (vehicles with anti-tow alarm or interior monitoring   ).
  • A trailer that is connected to the anti-theft alarm system is removed   .

Switching off the alarm

Unlock the vehicle using the unlock button on the vehicle key or switch on the ignition using a valid vehicle key.

The alarm will be triggered again if a person gains access to the same or a different secured zone after the alarm has been switched off. For example, if the tailgate is opened after a door had been opened.

The anti-theft alarm will not be activated if the vehicle is locked from the inside using the central locking button .

If you unlock the driver door mechanically using the vehicle key, only the driver door is unlocked, and not the whole vehicle. The deadlock on all doors is not deactivated (the doors are however not unlocked) and the central locking button is not activated until you switch on the ignition.

The anti-theft alarm will not function correctly if the vehicle battery is weak or discharged.

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