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Volkswagen Touran Owners Manual: An economic driving style

First read and observe the introductory information and safety warnings 

Changing gear earlier

In principle, the highest gear is always the most economical gear. A rule of thumb for most vehicles: at a speed of 30 km/h (18 mph) drive in 3rd gear, at 40 km/h (25 mph) in 4th gear and at 50 km/h (30 mph) in 5th gear.

If the traffic and driving situation allows it, skipping gears when changing up a gear will also save fuel.

Do not drive gears to their upper limit. Use the 1st gear only for pulling away then quickly change up to 2nd gear. Avoid using the kick-down function in vehicles with an automatic gearbox.

Vehicles with a gear display help to improve fuel economy by indicating the optimum time to change gear.

Rolling to a stop

Taking your foot off the accelerator will interrupt the supply of fuel to the engine and decrease fuel consumption.

Therefore, in situations such as approaching a red traffic light, let the vehicle roll without applying the accelerator. Only press on the clutch pedal to disengage if the vehicle becomes too slow or if the stopping distance is somewhat longer. The engine will then run at idling speed.

In situations where the vehicle might be stationary for a long time, at a level crossing for example, switch off the engine. In vehicles with active start/stop system, the engine will be switched off automatically when the vehicle is stationary.

Thinking ahead when driving and driving with the flow of traffic

Applying the brake and accelerator too often will significantly increase fuel consumption. By thinking ahead when driving and by keeping a sufficient distance away from the vehicle in front, simply keeping your foot off the accelerator will stop the speed from fluctuating so much. This means that active braking and accelerating is not always necessary.

Driving smoothly and evenly

Even more important than speed is smoothness: the more evenly you drive, the lower your fuel consumption will be.

In motorway driving, it is much more effective to drive at a constant moderate speed than to constantly be accelerating and braking. As a rule, driving with a constant style will get you to your destination just as quickly.

The cruise control system will help you to maintain a constant driving style.

Using additional equipment in moderation

Of course it is always important to be comfortable in your vehicle, however it is also important to think of the environment.

Some equipment will increase fuel consumption when switched on (examples):

  • The cooling function of the air conditioning system: if the air conditioning system is set to a very high or low temperature it will require a lot of energy, which is generated by the engine. Therefore the temperature setting in the vehicle should not vary too much to the outside temperature. It may be a good idea to air the vehicle before setting off and then to travel a short distance with the windows open. The air conditioning system should then be switched on once the windows have been closed. Keep the windows closed when driving at high speeds. Open windows increase fuel consumption.
  • Switch the seat heating off as soon as it has served its purpose.
  • Switch the windscreen and rear window heating off as soon as the windows have defogged and are clear of ice.
  • Do not leave the auxiliary heater on when the vehicle is moving   .

Other factors which increase fuel consumption (examples):

  • Fault in engine management.
  • Driving in hilly regions.
  • Driving with a trailer.
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